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Boat owners and yacht policies are common names for insurance plans for watercraft. Physical damage, medical payments, and liability are the typical coverages XYZ Insurance offers for boat marine insurance in St. Louis and nearby cities.


Why get Boat Insurance?

For a variety of reasons, you need boat insurance. Boat insurance helps financially safeguard you against losses or damages resulting from covered mishaps and loss or damage to your boat. Liability insurance can also shield you if you harm someone else or their property by your boat. The medical payments coverage pays for medical expenses if you or your visitors are hurt. Even on-water towing is covered by boat insurance.

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Types of Boats Insured

Under Boat Marine Insurance

Sport boats


Yachts and Cruisers

Canoes / Kayak


Jet Skis

Fishing boats / Bass

Types Of

Boat Marine Insurance in Missouri

Your insurance choices for a privately owned boat include the following:

Damage Protection

This protection for your boat's hull and machinery is offered up to the loss of the vessel and any associated property.

Protection & Indemnity

Liability protection that shields you from personal harm and property damage. It offers compensation up to the amount specified in your policy if you are determined to be at fault.

Medical Payments

These cover unforeseen medical costs resulting from an accident on your boat.

Provided Coverages

Boat Insurance?

If your boat is damaged or destroyed by windstorms (including hurricanes and tornadoes), theft, collision, vandalism, lightning, or wind, physical damage coverage typically entitles you to repair or replace your boat. The boat itself, motors, the boat's trailer, and possibly some personal stuff kept on the boat are all covered things.

Your liability insurance will compensate any covered person found legally liable for bodily harm or property damage. This coverage typically includes a clause to remove or demolish a sunken or damaged vessel if needed by law. 

This boat marine insurance in St. Charles and nearby cities covers fair and necessary medical and funeral costs from a boating accident. For an additional fee, the maximum coverage offered can be raised.

Additional protections
  1. Recently purchased boat
  2. Urgent assistance
  3. Temporary fixes
  4. Wreck cleanup​
Optional Protections
  1. Rental boat liability
  2. Liability and reimbursement for boat rentals
  3. Accessorize commercial fishing
  4. Renting a boat to others
  5. Payment of fishing event entry fees
  6. Coverage for uninsured or under-insured watercraft


Your Question?

This depends on local, state, and federal laws and regulations, the use of the boat, where it is housed, if it is financed, and other factors.

The term "layup" describes the months when your boat is not in use and is kept in a garage, shed, or behind walls, gates, or fences.

You are still protected against fire, theft, and storm damage at the storage facility while in a layup. Laying up also includes when the boat is transported to and from a dealer or service facility or for routine maintenance and servicing.

Each month you choose for layup lowers your insurance price by 5%. Layup can be introduced when obtaining new insurance or renewing an existing policy, but not in the middle of the policy.

When using market value, the payout may be lower than indicated on the schedule. This is so because the sum on the schedule is the maximum payout, but in some cases, all monetary restrictions may be increased for GST. Instead, the amount you receive will depend on the actual value of the boat during loss.

With the agreed value, the payout will depend on what you and XYZ Insurance agree upon; nevertheless, you may be required to submit proof that your proposal is acceptable, such as a value or proof of the purchase price.

You don't have to add the person operating your boat to your coverage as long as they have your permission and a current license.

Notify the waterways authorities and the police. Then call us anytime.

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